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What We Offer

Soul training


To improve physical fitness, transforming the body and mind with a new confidence and belief.

Soul wellbeing


To build awareness on the importantance of physical and mental wellbeing in our unique way of active learning.

soul activities


To provide engaging, unique active experiences that are suitable for all types of FUN.

Our Amazing Clients

Who We Are

Who We Are

Be an Inspiration

I remind myself every day: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I’m going to learn, I must do it by listening.

– Larry King.

Our Mission


 uses physical activity to improve fitness, build awareness on physical and mental wellbeing and provide unique engaging experiences. Proving that physical activity can be vital in transforming people’s lives.

Our Vision

At SOUL we have a shared vision and belief towards physical activity. To prove that it can be used to make a positive difference in a person’s long-term physical and mental wellbeing.

What People Say About Us

Recently, I got married and like most brides I was worried about fitting into my dress and looking my best. Thankfully, the combination of cardio and strength-training exercises during my weekly SOUL class helped me to tone up and stay fit and healthy leading up to the day.

I look forward to the workouts every week and their motivation and positivity really transfers out of the workout and into my daily life. Thank you!

Mrs Olivia


Our pupils can be challenging and SOUL joined us at the peak of some of the trickiest behaviour we have ever experienced. However, this did not faze or deter them from their goal. They were amazing support to us as staff and extremely helpful in helping us to teach the pupils from a united front.

We are extremely grateful of the hard work that SOUL delivered and cannot wait to work together again soon. SOUL is an amazing family which we had the privilege of joining, and if you had the opportunity you should join it to. You will not regret it!!!

Ms Casey

Higher Learning Teaching Assistant

The passion, energy and delivery of SOUL is truly amazing. My favorite aspect of SOUL is the mix of education, team work and enjoyment.

The children who worked with SOUL couldn’t stop talking about their experience. The exercises and topics they are taught leaves a lasting impression. This was evident from the feedback we received from the children and the parents.

The SOUL experience is a perfect way to create a buzz around fitness and education. It also highlights why a healthy lifestyle is important.

Edward Weekes

Summer Children’s Tennis Programme Copenhagen

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