SOUL takes pride and courage that our services are recognised for its integrity, commitment and setting higher standards.
 Based in South West London we have delivered each of our services all across London, neighbouring counties and internationally.

Our Story

SOUL uses physical activity to:

*Improve physical fitness

*Build awareness on physical and mental wellbeing

*Provide unique engaging experiences.

At SOUL we have a shared drive and belief towards physical activity being able to make a positive difference in a person’s long-term physical and mental wellbeing.

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SOUL has created services to build and sustain physical fitness and mental wellbeing for adults, youths and children.

We strive to deliver services of excellence and consistency in order to challenge, progress and inspire those who want to achieve goals, fulfil potential and enjoy being active.

Being encouraged from our work we will continue to raise awareness of how physical activity can be vital in transforming people’s lives.

The Team

Soul Power

Darius Green

The Playmaker

About Darius

Darius has an energy that cannot be described and his passion for wanting to fulfil the potential in others that cannot be described.

As the Founder of SOUL he is committed in the belief that physical activity can make a positive difference in physical and mental wellbeing.

A valuable signing with his knowledge and experience, priceless to the team and is a real Leader for SOUL.

Why I Love SOUL

Creating SOUL has been one of my biggest achievements in my personal life and professional career. To help and support others in achieving goals and making a positive change in their lives is such a joy and pleasure. To share the knowledge and experiences that I have gained from working with great organisations, being inspired by many amazing people and travelling the world is a privilege to behold.

Daniel Annon

Dan the Man

About Daniel

Believing that physical activity has a positive impact on the mind body and soul, I always like to spread this message by having fun and always demonstrating a positive energy.Through fun games and activities I believe people from all walks of life can learn from one anothers experiences and their own.

An unbelievable signing with a unique ability to helping those to unlock their potential physically or mentally.

Why I Love SOUL

Working with SOUL has no boundaries as physical activity knows none. Whether its helping someone fulfil their potential, boosting confidence or simply injecting fun and positivity into a person’s life. You are sure to have many fun, challenging yet rewarding experiences that makes no day the same. But what remains the same throughout, is being the heart and SOUL of Physical activity!


SOUL Wellbeing

How long is the Health Club ?

The health club can consist of 6- or 10-week duration, which can be extended depending on circumstances and each session is a minimum of 60 minutes.

What do we need to deliver a workshop ?

The main requirement we will need is a large playing space to be active safely and securely. If possible, a classroom or meeting room to deliver our physically active PowerPoint presentation.

SOUL Activities

How far are you willing to travel to deliver SOUL Activities ?

We have been lucky enough to have delivered our SOUL Activities all over London, neighbouring counties and so far, Europe. Proving that we are committed, willing to travel anywhere and everywhere to deliver our SOUL Activities.

What can SOUL Activities be used for ?

SOUL Activities can be used for whatever the occasion, event or experience. This could be providing fun and games for a celebration like a Birthday Party. Getting all your work colleagues involved in an active Staff Social. Engaging and Enthusing with your local community at an event.

SOUL Training

How does the free consultation and taster session work ?

It’s important to us to have the best interests of others into which why we offer a free consultation and taster session. An opportunity to meet in person to which we can have a relaxed conversation about goals. Followed by a short workout to observe fitness levels and for you to get a feel of what our SOUL Training is all about.

What happens if I cannot make a workout ?

We all know that life can have its unexpectedness of events and emergencies. For workouts we require 24-hour notice if you are unable to attend a workout in which no charge will be applied. A charge or session lost will only be applied if we receive no contact before a workout or receive less than 12-hour notice. If we are unable to deliver a workout you will be given at least 24-hour notice and will reschedule at the earliest convenience.