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SOUL TRAINING improves physical fitness and mental wellbeing. To build confidence and belief in how to develop and sustain physical fitness. Through our workouts we aim to transform the body and mind towards achieving personal goals.

Qualified In: Personal Training / Children’s Fitness / Boxercise                        Ante – Post Natal Fitness / Group Training /                            Strength & Conditioning / Functional Training

Learning the Mind is as important as understanding the Body.
– Usain Bolt


WORKOUT: Individual / Small Groups / Large Groups

DEVELOP: Physical Fitness / Weight Management / Skill Development
Mental Wellbeing

IDEAL: Organisations / Local Communities / Youth Groups / Education

EXAMPLES: Circuits / Strength & Conditioning / Boxercise / HIIT Exercise

VENUE: Indoors / Outdoors / Online

SOUL TRAINING – ADULTS: 19 years old and above

SOUL TRAINING – YOUNG PEOPLE: 7 - 18 years old


Darius and his team at SOUL have kept me in the best shape of my life for the past two years. Thanks to their classes I won a fitness competition at work where competitors had to cycle as fast as they could for 1 minute. The person who covered the most distance would win a meal at The Shard. I don’t cycle or do any other exercise aside from our SOUL Workouts but the dynamic and functional exercises we do meant that I had the stamina to beat numerous people to the top spot! It was a great feeling and I definitely feel that the classes helped me to win. Recently, I got married and like most brides I was worried about fitting into my dress and looking my best. Thankfully, the combination of cardio and strength-training exercises during my weekly SOUL class helped me to tone up and stay fit and healthy leading up to the day. I look forward to the workouts every week and their motivation and positivity really transfers out of the workout and into my daily life. Thank you!

Mrs Olivia


From those first initial sessions back when you instinctively knew that I just needed to trust in my feet again after my injury - to now when we’re back boxing 🥊 and doing push ups. Many tears of sadness & frustration and a lot of laughter along the way. But through it all you were always there beside me step by step along this journey celebrating the smallest of wins and knowing just what I needed. With many tears of sadness & frustration and a lot of laughter along the way. Can’t speak highly enough of what SOUL stands for. Much love and look out 2019 we’re back!!!!

Ms Christine

Work Professional

Frequently asked questions

It’s important to us to have the best interests of others into which why we offer a free consultation and taster session. An opportunity to meet in person to which we can have a relaxed conversation about goals. Followed by a short workout to observe fitness levels and for you to get a feel of what our SOUL Training is all about.

We all know that life can have its unexpectedness of events and emergencies. For workouts we require 24-hour notice if you are unable to attend a workout in which no charge will be applied. A charge or session lost will only be applied if we receive no contact before a workout or receive less than 12-hour notice. If we are unable to deliver a workout you will be given at least 24-hour notice and will reschedule at the earliest convenience.

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