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SOUL WELLBEING builds awareness on the importance of physical and mental wellbeing. Through our SOUL Health Club and TRACK Workshop we aim to inspire confidence in making a positive difference in body and mind.

Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.
– Tim Duncan


DELIVERY: Health Club / TRACK Workshop

DEVELOP: Physical Fitness / Mental Wellbeing / Health Awareness

IDEAL: Education / Staff Development / Local Communities

EXAMPLES: PSHE lessons / Teambuilding / Youth Projects

What is SOUL Health Club?

SOUL Health Club is based on our years of experience of delivering health and fitness. Identifying that through physical activity we not only improve physical fitness and mental wellbeing. We can also increase understanding of health and fitness and develop important life skills no matter the age, ability or experience.

SOUL Health Club aims to educate participant’s on how to live a healthier lifestyle through active learning. Each session has a different theme in which key messages will be taught to participants through games, exercises and challenges. The commitment needed from participants is to understand that the learning is just as important as the playing.

What is SOUL T.R.A.C.K.?

SOUL T.R.A.C.K. was created to use physical activity as the instrument to engage and educate participants on the importance of mental health and physical wellbeing. The main priority being to deliver important life messages and develop life skills that will help inspire participants to Be the best that they can Be.

SOUL Trust Respect Achieve Communication Knowledge is our unique approach of using games, activities and challenges to educate and inspire. Each session is based on how to use the TRACK theme to make positive changes in physical and mental wellbeing. The commitment needed that whatever the outcome of the game, activity or challenge it’s the message to be learnt behind each that is key.

SOUL WELLBEING – ADULTS: 19 years old and above



"Our pupils can be challenging and SOUL joined us at the peak of some of the trickiest behaviour we have ever experienced. However, this did not faze or deter them from their goal. They were amazing support to us as staff and extremely helpful in helping us to teach the pupils from a united front. We are extremely grateful of the hard work that SOUL delivered and cannot wait to work together again soon. SOUL is an amazing family which we had the privilege of joining, and if you had the opportunity you should join it to. You will not regret it!!!"

Ms Casey

Higher Learning Teaching

"We were keen for SOUL to run a workshop with our Y6 class to remind them of how important it is to work together. We were finding it difficult to keep them all engaged in lessons as they had become quite involved in quarrels and disagreements around friendship groups etc. We knew how much they’d benefit from working with SOUL and they’d have a great time too. It was great to see discipline, fun and life skills all brought together. We would do a SOUL workshop every week if possible!"

Ms Shah

Year 6 Primary School Teacher

Frequently asked questions

The health club can consist of 6- or 10-week duration, which can be extended depending on circumstances and each session is a minimum of 60 minutes.

The main requirement we will need to deliver our Workshops is a large playing space to be active safely and securely. Depending on the Workshop being delivered we may need a room to showcase PowerPoint presentations/activities.

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